Our current offerings are all handcrafted Ciders made from our own orchards as well as other Washington-grown apples.
Check back often as we are always experimenting and will be expanding our product lines.


Hard Harvest

A union of Cripps Pink, Dabinett, Porters Perfection, Kingston black, and snowdrift crab. This is our traditional cider made with our favorite heritage cider varieties. It has complex flavors and is full bodied and utterly wonderful.


Hopped & Hazy

A union of Muscat de Lense, Snowdrift Crab and MN55. This is a what we believe a true hopped cider should be. Sure, I see “Dry Hopped“ cider everywhere. Why is this so special? This Off-Dry cider is hopped by heating the cider and adding the hops to extract more flavor. With the addition of the Dry Hopping process, the floral, fruity notes pair wonderfully with the bitterness that the hopping process adds to this cider. If you like IPA then this is your cider. If you don’t like IPA then this is still your cider.

Floral, Fruity, with a slightly bitter finish.



A union of Red Fleshed and Cripps Pink apples with Dabinett to round out the mouthfeel. This is our friendliest cider. Bright notes of red raspberry and rhubarb with a satisfying finish.

Medium bodied and semi dry.